Cinema system

  AGORA Atlas



Atlas - Voie Centrale



The center channel ATLAS has been designed as the logical partner to our ARPEGGIONE and CANTABILE. Pairing it with one or the other will allow you to build a very musical and coherent home-theatre system.





Manufactured with the utmost care, ATLAS uses state-of-the art and reliable components. The cabinets' resonance free construction, along with the loading design (asymmetrical twin chambers) allow for super-fast transients, hence very realistic dialogues.

It's woofer-midrange drivers are intentionally very close to each other, in order to avoid disruptions common to systems where the tweeter sits between the midrange drivers.The tweeter, fitted with a frontal wave guide, delivers a very smooth and linear response, with minimal directivity.






Woofer-medium : 5' diameter, zamac basket. Double neodymium shielded magnet system. Edge-wounded moving coil onto a glass-fibre reinforced kapton voice coil former. Aerogel-carbone compound cone . Progressive dampening for the external surround. Flat spider. Anti-vortex phase plug. Golden plate connectors.


Tweeter : Impregnated textile dome. Double neodymium magnet system. Front horn and wave guide.


Crossover : Slopes 6 and 18 dB/octave. Cut-off frequency 2800 Hz. Very high quality selected components (polypropylene capacitors and air coils.


Cabinet : Asymmetrical tuned twin chambers loading design avoiding stationary waves inside the cabinet. Real medite material veneered with real Aniegre wood on both faces. Bevel- edges.




Center speaker

Power Handling

90 W

 Peak Power

140 W

 Nominal Impedance

4 Ohms

Frequency Response



89 dB/W/M


Real Aniegre veneer


24 * 41 * 28 (H * W * D, cm)



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