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EMP2 - the flat wall speaker



The increasing pressure from a public looking for audio products with high performance combined with ease of use and graceful integration into domestic environments persuaded us the time had finally come for the Flat Wall Loudspeaker EMP2…






We resumed technical study of a model developed in that was ahead of its time, and we enhanced it drastically: new driver units including the exceptional double ribbon tweeter, and an exclusive loading system with three coupled cavities and progressive damping, double event ports tuned with diffuse resonance matched for an operation against a wall.

The result: An exceptional linearity aided by the nature of the wall against which it is installed; and a spherical radiation pattern which gives the illusion that the signal is generated by the wall itself, producing a truly impressive and particularly alive panoramic sound stage.

Its advanced technical concept makes it insensitive to the acoustics of the listening room. As a result, excellent results are possible in room locations where conventional speakers could not function in a satisfactory way.

Available in black satin lacquer gray anthracite, and pearly ivory finishes, its very beautiful design makes it an element of refined and invaluable decor; and the practicality of its design makes installation and optimization easy.

It is easy to drive with an excellent sensitivity and is also very revealing of the quality and character of the associated elements (electronics, cables and source). Its lively and rich voicing avoids both false colorations and booming, and its low end’s speed and fullness is impressive when the speakers are driven by a powerful amplifier of high current capability.












Woofer : 6.5” diameter units. Zamac basket, double magnet. Aerated flat spider, 1.5” moving coil wounded onto kapton support. Ventilated core. Anti-vortex phase plug

Basket without contact with the cabinet thanks to an axial fixing by the center of the magnet system and a viscoelastic compound in order to avoid the transmission of energy between the driver and the cabinet. Thus the transient response is drastically enhanced.



Tweeter : Double ribbon tweeter, overall dimension of the two ribbons is close to the gold number. Hyperbolic front frame giving a very low directivity.



Crossover : 12 and 18 dB/octave , cut-off frequency 2200 Hz. Components with very low tolerances, point-to point-wiring, no circuit boards. Large section copper air-coils, tin-framework polypropylene capacitors with low tolerances for the tweeter’s crossover.



General Design:

3 coupled cavities with progressive damping, double event port with diffuse resonance optimized for an operation against a wall.


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案例  ::  JMR EMP2  ::  醫美診所 Office Area


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flat to wall standing speaker

Power Handling

90 W

 Peak Power

180 W

 Nominal Impedance

8 Ohms, minimum 6 Ohms

Frequency Response



91 dB/W/M

Filter type

type 12 / 18dB

Cut off frequency

2200 Hz




Black satin lacquer, Gray Anthracite, and Pearly Ivory


117 * 35 * 12 (H * W * D, cm)


20 kg



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