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Cantabile supreme - 2 1/2 音路 子彈高音.落地喇叭



Careful optimization of acoustic loading and mechanical parameters, electrical and geometric quality of components -- particularly handmade drivers -- all contribute to remarkable results in terms of musicality, airy and natural. The loudspeaker units and components of the crossover are strictly sorted and paired, guaranteeing an absolute match of the technical and musical performance of each pair produced. The axial fixation of the woofers allows the tensioning of the cabinet panels and provides mechanical stresses evenly distributed between the woofer basket and its support, which dramatically improves the transient response of the system.

The use of an internal viscoelastic damping compound transforms vibratory energy into heat without loss of micro-information. The unbaflled tweeter is capable of very high energy that is conserved for several meters from the speaker both in and out of its axis. The optimized dynamic phasing of the units ensures accurate time group propagation, the fundamentals and harmonics of the musical signal reconstituting themselves in perfect concordance. Exactness of the timbres is perfectly respected. Equally at ease on both rock & roll and chamber music programs, the Cantabile Supreme demonstrates unequivocally that a performance loudspeaker is inherently versatile.







Driver Units︰單體技術


> Woofer

2 x 5.2" Anti-resonant zamac basket. Flat ventilated spider. Hypergraph carbone/Kevlar cone with perfect internal damping. Anti vortex phase plug for the medium driver and soft textile central dust cap for the woofer. Peripheral surround with High compliance and high damping giving strong and firm bass response. 1" moving coil wounded inside and outside a kapton support. Shielded magnet. Getting tension through a stainless steel threaded rod bolted to the center of the magnetic core and substance of the cabinetry.


> Tweeter

1" pure soft silk dome giving a very flat and smooth response. Double neodymium magnet system. Non ferrofluid air gaps thanks to a double tuner rear chamber insuring perfect damping of the dome during transient attacks. Horn front frame and wave guide for minimum lateral directivity and perfect conservation of energy at a distance of several meters. Solid wood enclosure which geometry optimizes the polar diagram.





6, 6 and 18 dB/octave. Cut of frequencies 600 and 3800 Hz. The two woofers are working together under 600 Hz. Air coil with very low resistance (typicaly 0.25 ohm) and low tolerance tin and polypropylene capacitors. Non inductive resistors. Circuits R / C in order to give a benign impedance throughout the useful band.





Triangular transmission line, anti noise front event port. Medite material machined to 0.75" thickness veneered with real natural cherry veneer. All edges rounded in order to limit diffraction effects. Steel spikes. Assembly under press guarantees a completely inert structure. Lower chamber may be partially filled with dry sand to improve the damping of the triangular line end and lower gravity center of the enclosure.



Cantabile supreme

2.5 way w/ 3 units, floor standing speaker


4 Ohms

Frequency Response


Power Handling

90 Watts

 Peak Power

170 Watts


91 dB/W/M (2.83 volts)


less than 0.6% (84dB level)



Drive Units compliment

2 x 5.2" hypergraph carbon/ kevlar woofers

1 x 1" pure soft silk dome tweeter

Cabinet Alignment

tuned triangular transmission line


103 * 20.5 * 30.5 (H * W * D, cm)


20 kg


stained real anigre veneer in wild cherry color



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