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Singing the cinema


超能支點  中央聲道揚聲器







    Built to match the style and performance of the recently launched Geometry Series speakers; the new Fulcrum 650 offers the Home Cinema Enthusiast the power and accuracy of the new Geometry Drive Technologies. Beautifully crafted and hand built in Britain, the Fulcrum seamlessly blends into the electric soundstage, presenting clear dialogue and a powerful soundtrack immersing the you in the movie experience like never before.

     Housing two Tactic-II Drive Units, flanked by a single Semisphere Tweeter, the power of the small cabinet is phenomenal. When one considers that typically 80% of the energy being delivered in any Cinema system is the work of the Centre channel, then it goes without saying that the strength of any system is only as strong as the performance of its centre.

     The structural engineering in the Fulcrum is taken directly from the Geometry philosophy. The huge volume of air afforded by the A.C.T. Monocoque, Carbon Fibre shell structure ensures that each Tactic-II drive unit will deliver on its promise whilst achieving the lowest possible level of noise. Sound propagation will remain stealthy and virtually diffraction free. Immersed in real sound, the listener can lose themselves in the Soundtrack of the cinema like never before.







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Stand mounted monitor; 2.5 way, true linear phase, free space, ported enclosure.

Driver Units/ channel

1 x 170mm (7") WB Tactic® II Mid/Bass unit
1 x 170mm (7") Tactic® II Bass unit

1 x 25mm (1") WB Semisphere Tweeter

Hybrid Soft Dome Technology, Precision CNC Machined Enclosure.

Low Frequency Loading

Double chamber, differential reflex port tuning.

Frequency response

40Hz~30kHz  +/-2dB on axis


89dB spl (2.83V/1m)


6 Ohms Nom / 4 Ohms Min.


Mid range drive unit directly coupled to amplifier, tuned to Fulcrum enclosure.
First Order Bass roll-off.
First Order Tweeter Crossover.
Selected Polypropylene Capacitors and Air Cored Inductors.

Crossover Frequency

Tweeter       5kHz

Mid              direct coupled

Bass           500Hz

Internal Wiring

Hand-Built loom comprised of multi-stranded military specification silver plated copper. With PTFE jacket soldered connections throughout.

Input Connections

Bi-Wireable, in-house machined rhodium plated copper alloy terminals mounted directly at the base of the loudspeaker spine.


250 mm * 610 mm * 310 mm (H * W * D)

850 mm * 610 mm * 310 mm (Height with Stand)

Internal Volume



21 kg


Standard Finishes: Titanium, Black, Regal Silver

Gloss: White Gloss
Satin Wood Finish: Oak, Maple, Natural Cherry

Gloss Wood Finish: Zebrano, Walnut, Ebonised Walnut, Red Tulip, Red Birds Eye, Birds Eye, Burr Walnut








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