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  Vertex Vector Discovery II Fulcrum
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  A.C.T. One Evolution Endeavour RESOLUTION Cardinal




striking & elegant


參考級 全音域揚聲器






RESOLUTION  : :  刺紋胡桃木 Burr Walnut Gloss






Design for the Ultimate Listening Experience

極 致 聆 聽




Aesthetic Execution

究 竟 美 學




Advance Composite Technology

複 材 科 技





Advanced Acoustic Design

先 進 聲 學




Engineered for You

工 程 科 學

















Floorstanding reference loudspeaker ; Trioka-concept Mid-High Integration ; Isobaric Tactic Bass Matrix.

Driver Units/ channel

1 x 170mm (7”) WB Tactic® Upper mid range unit.
1 x 25mm (1”) WB
Semisphere Silk-Carbon Hybrid Dome Tweeter.
1 x 170mm (7”) WB
Tactic® Lower mid range unit.
4 x 170mm (7”) WB
Tactic® II  Isobaric Drive Bass unit.

Low Frequency Loading


Frequency response

30Hz - 30kHz +- 2dB on axis


90dB spl (2.83V/1m)


6 Ohms Nom / 4 Ohms Min.



Crossover Frequency


Internal Wiring

Hand-Built loom comprised of multi-stranded military specification silver plated copper. With PTFE jacket soldered connections throughout.

Input Connections

Bi-Wireable, in-house machined rhodium plated copper alloy terminals mounted underside of loudspeaker foot.


1590 mm * 520 mm * 550 mm (H * W * D)

Internal Volume



90 kg


Standard Finishes: Titanium, Regal Silver, Black Satin

Gloss: White Gloss
Satin Wood Finish: Oak, Maple, Natural Cherry

Gloss Wood Finish: Zebrano, Walnut, Ebonised Walnut, Red Tulip, Red Birds Eye, Birds Eye, Burr Walnut

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