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2001 Wilson Benesch 發表全新系列喇叭 - the Odyssey range。此系列延續 A.C.T. 技術的精神,融合碳纖聚合物與鋁合金材質製成,有著最強悍的音箱硬力系數,以及長久不變的耐力特性。


甫一發表Discovery 原型喇叭就立即被日本最專業、嚴謹的音響評論雜誌 Stereo Sound 決選為 2001年 年度最佳器材 Component  Of  The  Year


源於 Wilson Benesch 旗艦 – Bishop 的研發技術,全新的 Discovery 不僅有著更為利落的合金音箱設計,內裝上更配置了最強勁的銣磁鐵氣動框架單體 Tactic® Driver2.5 音路分音哲學使得 Discovery 有著一慣乾淨醇甜的 Wilson Benesch 中、高頻音色;水平對臥-推挽式低音系統 Tactic® Isobaric,加上大口徑音箱調諧排氣管,不僅有著後發先至的加速力度,以及線性低頻的解析能耐,您會發現,原來低音不是只有量感的問題,有沒有低失真的豐富內涵更是重要







The Style>> 音響論壇 1742003/ 03月號︰器材評論


>> 香港 發燒音響 2001/ 11月號︰主編的重要通告








>> Composite新系列的表面處理




2.5 way, true linear phase, free space, Micro floorstander

Drive units

2 x 170mm (7in) Tactic® Isobaric bass sys
1 x 170mm (7in) Tactic® bass/mid driver

1 x 25mm (1in) Soft silk dome, ultra linear WB specification tweeter

Low frequency loading

Double chamber, differential reflex tuning of conventional/isobaric bass system

Frequency range

-6dB at 38Hz and 30kHz
-3dB at 42Hz and 25kHz

Frequency response

45Hz~24kHz +-2dB on axis


88dB spl 2.83V/1m on mid range axis


6 Ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum


First order bass roll-off
First order mid range crossover

Second order tweeter crossover

Selected polypropylene capacitors and air cored inductors

Crossover frequencies

Bass           500Hz

Mid              5kHz

Tweeter        5kHz

Internal wiring

Multi stranded, silver plated copper, PTFE jacketed cable harnesses

Soldered connections throughout

Shortpath P.C.B. design
Links supplied for single or bi-wire applications

Input connections

Bi-wireable, in-house machined gold plated copper alloy terminals

Power handling

200W peak unclipped programme

Maximum spl

110dB at 1 meter


1100 mm * 240 mm * 370 mm (H * W * D)

Internal volume

13 liters

Net Weight

35 kg


Standard in polymer coated alloy.

Others including wood veneers

See Composite




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